The Adventurers

Hello everyone, today i'll just share a little bit of my experience joining the Naija Adventurers to hike the mount Dragon located at katampe Extension Abuja. Naija Adventurers; they are Nigerian hikers, travelers/tourists, wanderlust enthusiasts & general outdoor lovers. I see hiking as a way to leave life behind for a few hours, just to... Continue Reading →


Family Vacation

Good morning everyone How is the Ramadan going for you all ? Let me share a piece of my short family vacation to Kano 😁 It's has been a while since i went to Kano, so there was this night when we decided to just go for a weekend, which turns out to be a... Continue Reading →

Daily boom

Hello everyone! As we all know Bloggers saw themselves as gadflies, pricking the arrogance of established elites from their home computers, in their pyjamas, late into the night. Well I brought something new for you guys, which I was opportune to be part of, which is; Daily Boom!!!! Dailyboom is a news and information blog that... Continue Reading →

Hiking in Zaria

Well i was just going through some of my pictures when i just remembered something i wrote a long time ago that have been in my draft for a long time as usual. Well this is actually for those that thought going for hiking in Zaria was a very bad idea. this was how it... Continue Reading →

Style Suggestion by ZyMa

So i was just going through my social media apps when i came across ZyMa's posts, where she was sharing her sense of fashion with the world 🌎 As the saying goes Feeling a little blue in January is normal. Zyma came up with a simple look which they haven't given it a name yet... Continue Reading →

Fashion|| Denim on a boring day

Hello Everyone, it's been long since you heard from me i guess. My life has been stressful for the past few years, and my motivation to blog has dropped as a result. Most of the times i just write and then save it in my draft because the last thing you feel like is writing about... Continue Reading →


Independence Day is celebrated on 1st October and it is declared as a National Holiday in Nigeria. Nigerian People around the country celebrate the day of freedom with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. There are various flag-hoisting ceremonies, cultural programs, parades and also remember our great heroes who lost their lives so that their future generation... Continue Reading →

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